It is reported that wish regards selling false products or products that make customers have wrong expectations as selling misleading products, and once again emphasizes the strict prohibition of such acts. Sellers who sell misleading products are subject to fines and product removal penalties. "The title, description, price, model / color options and images used for product advertising should clearly and accurately reflect the product being sold," wish said. All variables of the product should not be misleading. When the user's real feedback indicates that the received product is inconsistent with the product publicity, the product will be judged as "misleading product"





According to the reminder, during the period from 0:00 UTC time on November 4, 2019 to 0:00 UTC time on November 11, 2019, merchants are required to carefully review all wig category products claimed to be lace wigs and / or human wigs to ensure compliance with the misleading product policy. Wish will be exempted from compensation for non-conforming products edited and permanently removed during this period, but not for non-conforming products removed during this period. In the meantime, all other merchant policies will remain and continue. After 0:00 UTC on November 11, 2019, all non-conforming products, including those on and off shelves, will be subject to the misleading product policy.